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hydrogen is renewable energy - solar and wind, tidal and wave energy - stored safely in the form of hydrogen gas, made from water. ​ By storing renewable energy as zero-carbon hydrogen gas, renewable energy becomes permanently available - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Electrolysis, an electric current splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. If the electricity is produced by renewable sources, such as solar or wind, the resulting hydrogen will be considered renewable as well, and has numerous emissions benefits. Power-to-hydrogen projects are taking off, where excess renewable electricity, when available, is used to make hydrogen through electrolysis.

Vision H2 is interested in green hydrogen, so energy produced from a variety of domestic resources, renewable power like hydro, solar and wind.

We will produce and deliver hydrogen using the most advanced and cost effective technology so that we can set our sights on making hydrogen a competitively priced energy source for a cleaner environment.

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