A major advantage of hydrogen is that it can be produced from renewable energy and
unlike electricity it can be stored in large amounts for extended periods of time.
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Hydrogen Economy depends on reliable storage.

The Energy Transition and clean energy from renewable resources is dependent on reliable and widely available storage facilities around the world in strategic locations where clean energy is readily available to convert and store.


Hydrogen Atom

Hydrogen Electrolysis

Hydrogen Electrolyzer

Hydrogen Storage

The interest in hydrogen energy storage is growing due to the much higher storage capacity and reduced carbon footprint compared to batteries and other options available.

Location is everything: VoltH2

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VoltH2's vision, Hydrogen will be the future energy carrier of choice and will play a significant role in the renewable energy value chain as the global economy moves towards significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Hydrogen will be the essential enabler for deep decarbonisation on a mass scale. At an increasing rate of technological innovation, Hydrogen produced by electrolysis from zero carbon energy sources is expected to be competitive with fossil fuels within this decade.