We Believe in the Hydrogen Economy

Vision H2 Investment: Volt H2

To execute an engineered process providing turn-key development and joint venture implementation for construction and operations of scalable Hydrogen production-via-electrolysis facilities at multiple strategic locations in Western Europe deploying only proven and commercial technologies to ensure project deliverability.

About Vision H2

Vision H2 is focused on all aspects of the clean hydrogen economy such as clean hydrogen production, hydrogen storage and H2 fueling infrastructure. Today’s energy markets are being driven by global support to reduce reliance on hydrocarbons and this energy transition is seeking an immediate, safe and CO2 free alternative to fossil fuels. Clean hydrogen as an energy carrier and fuel is seeing a rapid adoption by the petrochemical industry, heavy process industry and the transportation and mobility sectors. Vision H2 is at the forefront of the clean energy transition.

Utilizing renewable and near-to-zero carbon energy sources to produce clean hydrogen through electrolysis is being supported by governments and industry around the world in a coordinated and collective effort to reduce reliance on fossil-fuels.

Our Vision

Vision Hydrogen Corporation focuses on the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen for the hydrogen economy supply chain. The company provides hydrogen for use in industrial and commercial applications, vehicle transportation/logistics and various other clean energy applications.


Current Energy Economy

0 Million
Metric Tons of CO2 /2019 in USA
0 Million
Metric Tonnes of CO2 / 2019 World Wide
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CO2 From Fossil Fuels

Hyrdrogen Economy Energy Transition

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C02 from Hydrogen Fuel Emissions
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C02 Reduction Possible
$ 0 Trillion
Addressable Market by 2050